It’s been a month ever since I’ve updated this bloody thing, lots of work to do, and other life problems and as such…

Just a preview of what I’ve did for the past month…


Working on maile Jewelry is a pain, with the requirements of specific tools and materials to make the jewelry that I want to sell, even that Singapore is a difficult place to look for specialized tools.


So I have set up a shop to sell the accessories and crafted stuff that I eventually am going to make, The Renaissance Shop, on the online store Carousell.



Not much is happening in the online store though….. but I’ll see my luck on Etsy and see if I can sell other crafts like leather pouches and such.

In the meantime, I’ll be planning to post out an entry regarding the medieval weapon arts of the sword and shield, which sadly there isn’t much info about it in the High Middle Ages. The only closest Medieval Treatise is the I:33 Sword and Buckler, and even that is dynamically different than say a heater shield.