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It’s been a long week….


It was an agonizing luggage plowing sweatshop fustercluck, but it is done.

Maker Faire is an event that held in Singapore on the 11-12th July, and for my booth The Renaissance Project, consisted of two catergories, Chainmail, and Hearldry. We also had a demonstration and some of us being historical mannequins to entertain the crowd.


Kudos to Zhe Hao and Ryan as my sweatshop workers  booth managers for the faire

I didn’t expect myself to be able to pull this through, considering that it’s mostly been a one-man job for me on the preparations. But then again, the booth existed, people came, and that’s more crucial to let people know that we exist.  As much content that was supposed to be in the Faire (Metal Gauntlets, Leather Pouches), so much was cut away from, the Chainmaile and the Heraldry Section was sufficient enough to draw crowds.


It was a success, the booth did manage to pick up the interest of the ongoing visitors, some of them trying out our booths in making Chainmail and Medieval Head Gears.

Honestly, I did not think that The Renaissance Project can be viable in this country, considering how people can tell me that painted tennis balls are fireballs and cosplay has been the dominant BUT some have came to expressed opinions of organizing classes a workshop for schools, and I think it’s time to make it sustainable.

Most of this would not be possible if not for my friends who have supported me in this. Zhe Hao, Ryan and Daniel. Also, a shoutout of thanks to OMG for allowing me to represent my booth in their group, and Robin & the PHEMAS group for hosting a demonstration on Saturday.



Me(left) and Daniel(right). We make a pretty good team making Chainmail

If this is something that I can make it work upon into the future, I could easily get a renaissance fair here in Singapore


Oh yes.