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Ok, I might have come off as too much of a cynical person from my previous posts, perhaps I should try something light-hearted for once.

I’ve made a banner for The Renaissance Project, yay.


It’s something that I’m frankly proud of, and I’m quite fond of how it looks rather amateurish, it gives itself a rather jovial character of a maker rather than ‘businesslike professional’.

The Renaissance Project is a Initiative to bring back the Maker’s Culture to the Historical Ages(romans, vikings, Middle Ages, etc.) where craftsmanship and blacksmithing are highly regarded, back in the days when a hand-crafted spoon could be valued as a heirloom. How humanity has strived to create an identity for themselves, practitioning their trades and learning how to do it. Like how you can’t get the things you want like globalization, common people back then have to improvise and make things themselves.

Perhaps I might sound biased on that paragraph, but in the modern days of industrialization, it seems that we are contempt at the concept of machines, instant products churning out at our doorstep, without the need to know more further than what the product does. In the age of technology, we have progressed, and yet we seemed to have dwindled. We think much but yet we feel too little, and the convenience of technology has led us to be complacent about learning. That’s why the Maker community can be a significant contributor to the world. To bring back the joy of discovery everyday.

And to note my frustration over the maker community, 3D Printing is not exclusively equals to Making.

That’s what I at least perceived of it, although that’s not absolutely the case, but I think Making can be more diversified even in this day and age. To get our hands dirty and to make stuff, even if it does not bling out sparkly lights, is at least an experience for us to understand how things work around. When we involve ourselves more to create, we gain a ‘sentimental’ value for what we have made, and will care for and value our creation, even if it’s an amateur job. Likewise, consumption is the opposite, making us apathetic to things around us. Only when we understand where and how things around us come from, only do we cherish. Which goes back to the topic above.

Translation: I’ll find a way, or I’ll make a way.

Although making Chainmail is a pain in the ass.