A new blog revamped for my latest commitments in pursuing my aspirations. A very frustrating yet somehow addictive problem that us young kids of the generation face. And yet after all that daydreaming and envy we all fall down into the same bottomless pit of reality hitting you like a frying pan. Such a shame that how one’s upbringing on education of the optimistic image of the ‘model’ achiever-that-can-do-anything has indeed made us so frail and defenseless against the tidings of the ‘real world’ when we realise that all those touting of getting a good education and doing your standard operating procedure of doing good is all it takes to fulfill your passion is an utter lie, like cake.

In short, yes. I’m not a fan of Victorian style schooling combined with an orwellian-like optimistic masquerade that has turned our creative brain into mush.

In shorter terms for the masses, Living in Singapore sucks.

If I am to stop all this crapshoot, I’ve decided to create a blog out of my research and documentation of my experimentation,

The Renaissance Project.

I intend to create an awareness of the Medieval Culture here. In Singapore. Which is something that seems to be never done here, and I’d like to have a Medieval Fair someday here, something that people can come together and make stuff to celebrate what it takes to be a smelly peasant. So how would I start this out that I would eventually get to see the light of a jousting tournament with pet poodles as horses?

Well, there is the Maker Faire coming up….. And it’s about Making, and Making is better than consuming, and I’m not going to give you a lecture about fast culture crap, and Medieval Fairs are mostly about Making stuff so…….

I’ve decided to make some surcoats, brilliant, no?

20150614_162201 20150614_16422420150610_175201

If anyone wonders if this is all just for show, it’s not cosplay. I intend to use this as an overdress for me and my fencing mates as we do on a 1-on-1 duels with wooden wasters (for now). Lovely would that be if we have plate armour and meshed helmets to go with.

A Master once said that documenting your work helps to spread the message about the power of the community.

I think I should do that.

S.P: The Singapore Maker faire is held at Qiaonan Primary School on the 11th-12th July. Thought I’d throw this in in case someone has the same faith as I did.