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It’s been a long day Ogling at gir being Shogun Vader.


Menace from International Communism, Hence, ‘Red Vader’

I’ve done it. It wasn’t well executed, but I was impressed with myself. After all this ranting about creating the quite popular Internet Sensation Shogun Vader, I’ve decided to step up the cause and upgraded my old Samurai Suit into this abomination.


Thanks to Fightsaber’s Gabriel and Shaun for lending me their lightsabers. =]

It was really crude, I can tell you that. Barely able to make do with time, I had to rush to the License2Play Convention at Suntec for only the later half of the event’s 2nd day. No doubt that further tweaks can be made to improve the aesthetics of it. A few friends pointed out the flaws of my work that prevented me from achieving it’s peak potential, which I’ve learned alot from their experience in costuming, I’m still elated over the results of my work though.It wasnt as awe-inspiring as the other cosplayers at the convention, but I did this to prove a point, it’s possible to achieve a costume of this scale with the compromise of environmentally friendly concepts.


The creation of Shogun Vader was through materials that are upcycled through their once condemned state. The Samurai Suit is largely comprised of Decommissioned fire hoses, and the Darth Vader Mask consisted of electrical Wires, Bottle Caps, cardboard and Old files.(Except for the point of using glue and paint, which weren’t practical to scour for it’s condemned version ).

Hopefully with this inspiration I would pursue my future endeavours to be as equally stunning as the costumes from the other cosplayers I’ve met. Also thanking my brother for his assistance in photography and the Fightsaber team for allowing me to be part of their team for this convention.