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After my debut of the Samurai Suit in the NeoTokyo Cosplay Convention at the Scape Warehouse in August, my fascinations with costume/prop making has been greedily feeding onto my ambitions to head for projects of a larger scale. Being alone as a wondering Samurai can be fustratingly uneventful, which fortunately lured me into Fightsaber(A Star Wars Performance Group), and the members were very amiable with me, unlike the other crowds of cosplayers who werent as friendly.

Initially, I was supposed to hook up upon a cosplayer group I’ve met on July, but the people at Fightsaber were more receptive, which was probably why I joined up their group weeks later, discovering my obsession in lightsaber fight choreography later on as I went to the weekly trainings. In my interests in innovating new challenges for my hobby, I’ve declared to make a “Shogun Vader” costume, in relation to my Samurai Suit.


Yes, it’s upcycled with Bottle Caps, Electrical Wires, Old Files, Paper Mache Cardboard Combo and what-not, I’m sticking to the theme of upcycling.

In light of writing this blog post late night, I’ve successfully completed the Darth Vader Mask in just about a week while juggling under National Slav Service. It was a pain in the arse TBH, but eventually I’ve completed within time for the License2play Convention at Suntec, which would be happening soon this afternoon….


*Wheeze* *Wheeze* *Wheeze*


it’s not 100% Vader and I’m sort of disappointed about that, but It’ll have to do.

Working too rashly onto this project has led to several problems though, 1. It’s rather bulky and large to compliment with my Samurai Helmet. 2. There were a few wrong decisions made, which led to it not looking accurately like Vader. 3. No proper mask straps so I have to improvise. and 4. LACK OF VENTILATION. It’s suffocating enough to put it on for 10 minutes, and getting asphyxia is not my idea of Mr.Wheezy.(Ironically)

Oh, and I’ve made a few upgrades to my Samurai Suit, should look better than barebones 1.0 with the Vader mask, and with another Surprise waiting in store when I don on my political thinking cap.


Ok, bad positioning on my helmet, and the mask is killing meh….

I’d better make some last minute changes before heading out to the convention, but running on a tight schedule in the morning isn’t going to help, so fingers crossed that it won’t fall apart. And finally to end off thanking SL2 for tolerating my eccentric hobbyism in the Lab.