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After tireless hours of manly sewing, cardboard cutting (and finger bleedings), it is time to start off with a new blog to keep an update of my upcyclist projects. Named The Guild.sg, it is one of my first ventures into the more unorthodox approach with the combination of environmentalist tree hugging zeal and the pesudo modern craftsman. I have to thank Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) and Ground Up Initiative for giving me this opportunity to expend my passion into reality.

My targets are as follows:

  • – Create a Makers based community (based on values from Ground Up Initiative)  specifically focused on costume-making/modelling/hobbyist-related upcycling practices
  • – Expend this community to be able to host events & activities such as reanactments or carnival-style fairs to the likes of European Medieval Fairs
  • – Remove the urbanite-wasteful-materialistic minded Singaporean concept among the current generation

As I continue on my experimentation of using rubbish and being rubbish at it, this will be my portfolio for any fellow enthusiastic who wish to join for a cause to make Singapore a less unlivable place to be. For anyone interested to join me in developing this passion, simply email me at Lightspyro@hotmail.com for details.


Yes, this is a Samurai Outfit. Made out of fire hoses in about a month. My first true upcyclist project in August.


Yep, that’s me in the suit. I’m not too fond of cameras though…

Currently, I’m upgrading my Samurai Outfit and making a Medieval armour suit for the upcoming cosplay/hobbyist conventions to come in December. Fingers crossed that I don’t land in hospital for a pen knife wound.