About me.

Eh….. nothing much really, except that I’m a Maker(and proud of it), with an intense fascination of European Medieval culture. In a swordfighting club, make chainmail in my own spare time, aspiring medieval geek-like historian, and I would like to create a Medieval Fair in Singapore. Insane suggestion, no?

Maybe I should make way for the Middle East and Asia….. could be more appealing, I don’t know…

I’m no techie guy definitely, nor someone who makes ‘practical’ stuff, that’s what most makers have been promoting, I suppose. No. I’m making stuff that is by light miles unthinkable in the little red dot that I call my………  _______ country. I’d rather not hogwash a blog post with my misanthropic inner self but eh, you’ll figure out that I’m very lonely when it comes to making them chainmaile.

Sometimes I ask myself why am I doing this, is it worth it? Am I doing something that I can achieve my dreams, passions, aspir-blahblahs? Shouldn’t I go for something more substantial etcetcetc?

And I’d say, Fuck it. Life is too boring to worry about life. Let’s make something that we can not only entertain ourselves (not that sort), but also to educate and learn why we do it. I want to see why I want to get so much into medievalism, I’ve seen so many positive values on it, but never gotten to why it’s potential can be used to be the benefit of the people around me.

I have to learn, and eat dirt while learning if I’m going to be a stubborn ass.

….. If I manage to stop faffing about in video gaming.

If you’re interested into venturing forth into a collaboration with my bizarre habits, feel me to contact me via email: Lightspyro@Hotmail.com

And oh, here is a picture of me in my ‘upcycled’ samurai outfit in 2013. Great concept, but it sorta stinks in the climate after awhile. Had to dismantle it, sadly.